White Corner Inn

This listing is provided by North Marion Tourism Collaborative

Lots of original features with all the amenities and comforts of modern day; WiFi, USB plugs, comfy beds, high quality bedding and towels, etc. Each room has a private 1/2 bath, and is decorated comfortably and simply . Our goal is to provide you with a restful, inspiring, and simple environment.
There is so much to explore and experience in our beautiful town! Bonus: you can comfortably explore most of it on foot! Please ask about private tours, food delivery, and daytrips! 

This building was built in 1899. The portion you will be staying in was the residence for the “storekeeper” and his family. We revived it with all new electrical and plumbing, paint, and décor. The last storekeeper and his wife raised10+ kids there! The shiplap walls and fir floors are original. We chose to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, hemp oil, wax, and other low VOC products to enhance the building’s natural architectural details. Not only are these environmentally friendly but also allow the building to “breath”. They assissted us in creating beautiful spaces for you to enjoy. This was a true “labor of love” for our family as we all used our hands and skills to revive this building. We hope that you enjoy what we have done! 

You will have access to a living room, gathering table, hot beverage bar, full size refrigerator, and dishwasher on the main level. In the upstairs you will have 4 bedrooms with queen size beds, private en- suites, and a beautiful subway tile shower room accessiblefro. the hallway.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church is located across the street and the church bells ring from the 6am Angeles to 10pm. Earplugs, small room fans, or sound machines are available upon request.