Moss Meadows Horse Camp

Located 40 minutes south of Paisley, Oregon, this rustic horse camp affords pretty views of Steens Mountain and Mount Shasta. There is one vaulted toilet and four campsites, each with a picnic table and fire grate, and one hitching post. 

This is a good choice for a stop-over, as Moss Meadows has no corrals and no options for short trail rides. It’s about 20 miles from Moss Meadows to Currier Springs on the Fremont National Recreation Trail. Another option is to ride west from Moss Meadow along the road for about five miles to the Chewaucan River. You need to get permission to ride along the river, as it passes through private land. There are signs posted with contact info or you can obtain phone numbers from the Paisley Ranger District. 

There is no portable water. Visitors need to pack plenty of water

6/15 – 9/15; 09/16-06/14 Open with Reduced Services 

First come, first serve