Weasku Inn Historic Resort

It’s the charm, history, and details of this inn that will make Weasku Inn your special place. It’s an enchanting place where memories are made and life takes a deep breath of rest and relaxation.This Oregon legend was built in 1924 along the banks of the scenic Rogue River. It was a vacation retreat to many Hollywood personalities such as Clark Gable, Carol Lombard, and Walt Disney. In 1993, Country House Inns purchased the Weasku Inn and began restoring it.The restoration was completed in September 1998. The five rooms in the main lodge were updated, eleven cabins built and an original A-frame cabin remodeled. The updating added additional features for our guests while maintaining the original character and splendor of the Weasku Inn.Since its completion, “Travel and Leisure Magazine” named this historic landmark “One of the top 25 Lodges in the United States”. Recently, in “1,000 Places to See Before You Die: A Traveler’s Life List”, Patricia Shultz declared the Weasku Inn one of those “must see” places. In May of 2018, the New York Times ranked the Rogue River as place 13 on “The 52 Places to Go in 2018” where their travel writer describes his charming stay at Weasku Inn.We invite you to step back in time, restore yourself and create new beginnings at the wonderful Weasku Inn.