Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce

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The Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit organization owned and operated by its members. Its c established mission is “To Promote and Enhance the Economic Vitality of the Sunriver Community.” The Chamber is the voice and central hub of the Sunriver community and is the “one-stop” center that provides everything you need to know about the local area.

The Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce supports the development, growth and success of its members. The Chamber provides high value products, services and advertising opportunities to its members. The Chamber’s local information and business center gives members another location to conduct business. Startup and emerging businesses can take advantage of their business incubation center where they will find dedicated fiber-optics communications, co-working spaces, meeting rooms, video conferencing, business education classes, business referral services, marketing resources and access to professional advice and consultation. Established businesses enjoy the marketing, promotional and advertising opportunities, business-to-business networking, tourist and resident referrals, sponsorship exposure, workforce development, up-to-date activities and events calendars and the ability to proudly display and demonstrate their support and commitment to the community.