John Day River Farm Trail

This listing is provided by Visit Eastern Oregon

Driving through the rugged, dramatic and arid landscape along the John Day River, one might wonder what kind of food could be grown here. Drop into the small valleys that dot the route and you’ll see the difference a little water, rich soil and a lot of hard work can make. Patches of lush green grass and alfalfa, robust gardens and incredible fruit orchards located in Kimberly (which draws fruit lovers from throughout eastern and central Oregon) tell the real story.

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1. Riverside Schoolhouse B&B

2. Better Blooms & Gardens 

3. 1188 Brewing 

4. Earthly Home Natural Market 

5. Grant County Farmers Market 

6. Victorian Lane B & B 

7. Guyon Springs INN 

8. Dayville Merc 

9. Happy Hens Egg Farm  

10. Tiger Town Brewing  

11. Cant Ranch, John Day Fossil Beds

12. Land’s Inn Oregon 

13. Stellar Cabin Hideaway 

14. John Day River Trading Post 

15. Apricot Apiaries 

16. Thomas Orchards 

17. Birch Creek Guide Service 

18. Bologna Creek Ranch

19. Tiple H Homestead 

20. Sage River Ranch

21. Little Creek Outfitters

22. Spray Pioneer Museum 

23. Mah-Hah Outfitters 

24. The Fossil Museum

25. Wilson Ranches Retreat Bed & Breakfast 

26. The Corrals Campground & Shuttle Service 

27. Condon Community Summer Concert & Artisan Market

28. Gilliam County Museum 

29. Cottonwood Canyon State Park  

30. Equine Mania 

31. Sherman County Museum 

32. Grass Valley Farmers Market 

33. Arlington Farmers Market