Classic Carriages & Cherry Blossom Gypsies

This listing is provided by The Dalles Area Chamber of Commerce

Classic Carriages & Cherry Blossom Gypsies is your Premier Horse-Drawn Carriage Experience. Immerse yourself in enchanting rides with their horse-drawn carriages, available by reservation. Create magical memories during the holiday season with Christmas carriage rides until New Year’s, adding a festive touch to your celebrations. Explore Classic Carriages & Cherry Blossom Gypsies’ unique offerings, including holiday items like horseshoe decorations, blending timeless charm with seasonal joy. Additionally, they offer trail and pony rides, providing year-round opportunities for equestrian adventures. Don’t miss their engaging pony camp, where children can experience the joy of riding and caring for these gentle creatures. At Classic Carriages & Cherry Blossom Gypsies, they specialize in providing not just carriage rides but crafting unforgettable moments and equestrian experiences for all ages.