NW Jet Boat Charter

NW Jet Boat Charter provides scenic river tours of the Willamette River from Newberg Oregon.

This is a private charter for up to six people. Tours can be customized to your schedule, food and activities. Most trips are four hours in length, traveling 45 miles of scenic river. The sunset cruise is a summertime favorite. Upriver from Newberg showcases the natural beauty and wildlife with mostly farm land and little development. Downriver from Newberg you will see many beautiful homes as you tour to the topside of the impressive Willamette Falls. This is the second largest falls by volume in the US only surpassed by Niagara Falls. The boat is an all weather, heated jet sled with 800 horsepower.

Tours depart from Roger’s Landing.

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    July 10, 2023
    Melissa J

    Awesome River Tour

    Loved the tour. Our guide was awesome and the boat was super fun. Great way to spend half a day. Well worth the money

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    September 12, 2022

    Touched by an Angel

    Everything about this excursion was amazing. The boat, the river, the weather. But then there's Scott. Who I'm convinced is just one of best examples of being Human that we have down here on earth. My wife and I and our two dogs were in from a year of living in a very tortured Downtown Portland, our nerves extremely frazzled. Our oldest dog, a Cattle dog Shepard mix, immediately ran right up to him to get pets and give kisses. Our Cattle dog doesn't like men, and she especially doesn't like tall men. But she ran right up to Scott like they were long lost friends. That was my first clue. Scott's KICK A$$ boat, extensive knowledge of the river, and incredible hosting skills (somehow he knew exactly when to engage us, and when to just let us sit quietly and enjoy the river) was the highlight of our week long trip. The snacks provided were just right and I can not say enough about our host. The entire 4 hour experience was intensely relaxing, a little fun and exciting (that boat can GO) and just what two anxious nervous systems needed. Thank you so much for your hospitality Scott. And Yacht Rock on. :)

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    August 1, 2021

    Do it :D

    This was the first time on a boat for my wife & kids. It had been years since the last time I was on a boat. Totally awesome :) I didn't realize the gate at Rogers Landing stayed open at night, so I parked the vehicle down the road. Scott recognized us walking down the street and gave us a ride the rest of the way there. He also gave us a ride back to our vehicle at the end. Scott was great with the kids and really looked out for everyone's safety on the trip. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for something fun to do. I could do that all day :)

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    July 4, 2021
    Dave B

    Great trip

    Myself any my better half did a 4-hour(ish) trip down the river with Scott yesterday. It was just the two of us and Scott. We tootled down the river at 35-40mph, stopped at a couple of islands, saw some wildlife, and more. The boat drafts less than 12" so it is able to go into very shallow waters which boats with traditional inboard or outboard engines wouldn't be able to venture. We were out on a holiday weekend, but because we were on part of the river which requires the ability to navigate shallow water, there were very few other boats-- mostly just a few people with kayaks or canoes. The price is very reasonable, compared to what we've paid to take private boat tours in other areas in the past, and considering you have the whole trip to yourself. Highly recommended.

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    July 17, 2020


    Hands down one of the funnest things we have done with the family! If you looking for a great river experience this is it. Great boat Captain, tons of smiles, beach bbq, river education, swimming and just an all around fantastic experience!

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