My wife and I are visiting Oregon for three weeks starting and ending in Eugene. We would like to see as many of the waterfalls as we can. Which are the best areas to see them?

We have a lot of waterfalls here in Oregon and I have been fortunate in that I have seen many of them.  I will say the most spectacular of course is our Multnomah Falls area. I would plan to spend at least most of a day in this area.  I have hiked the Wahkeena Falls Hike counter clockwise and will say, it was a killer but I  would do it again in a heartbeat!  In fact, I’m in the planning stages to do it again with some folks that have never been.  It’s about 5 miles long and if you want your fill of waterfalls, this is the place to do it!  We took a backpack lunch and lots of water to drink and even soaked our feet at the very top so plan on taking your sweet time if this is something you think you want to check out.

Whether you hike the Wahkeena Trail or not, the whole area there and the drive on the Historic Columbia River Highway is spectacular!  Lots more waterfalls, a winding road with foliage and old trees worthy of stopping to explore.

While you’re near the Hood River Valley, I would continue on and take an easy hike on the Tamanawas Falls Trail. I’ve done this easy hike several times and if you are taking someone with you, don’t tell them what’s at the end of the trail.  It’s a surprise!

Around the Salem and Silverton area, check out our gorgeous Silver Falls. This is where we take all of our visitors and friends when they want to see waterfalls.  You can choose to admire the falls from the park, a short “easy” hike or a longer more strenuous hike… your choice!  The park is beautiful and you can most certainly spend a whole day enjoying it.

There are lots of places right outside of Eugene as well to see waterfalls. The easiest walk I took was to see Sahalie Falls.  My friends at the Eugene, Cascades and Coast Adventure Center will be happy to assist you in finding even more if you are interested!  Please visit the adventure center while you are in Eugene if you’d like to learn even more about our Willamette Valley and the Eugene area.

I have lots more ideas and some places I am sure I have been and enjoyed when it comes to waterfalls so if you’d like even more info, let me know.

Thanks for your question and have a wonderful trip!