What are the best wildlife viewing areas near Carlton?

You’re in luck — the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife maintains a great map where you can view the best wildlife viewing areas all over the state. Here’s the link: https://myodfw.com/wildlife-viewing. Click “view map” to get to an interactive version where you can get more information.

The closest wildlife viewing locations to Carlton are the following. You’ll mostly see waterfowl and other birds at these locations.

ODFW also puts out a very informative “Recreation Report” that is updated weekly by biologists around the state.  Click “wildlife viewing” to see reports on the best options for you.

I’d also recommend you check out the Oregon Birding Trail. You can click to download directions for different driving routes that will take you to different birding stops around the state. The Yamhill Loop would be perfect for your trip. There’s even a winery, Winter’s Hill Winery, that’s an official stop on the birding trail!

Finally, if you want to see wildlife other than birds, you might want to check out the William L. Finley wildlife refuge. It’s about an hour south of Carlton, outside Corvallis. It is home to herds of Roosevelt elk, as well as many other native mammals that are fun to see.

I hope you enjoy your trip!