Fall into Oregon

It’s a Pacific Northwest wonderland out there, and we want you to make the most of it.
September 29, 2021

It’s one of Oregon’s best-kept secrets: fall just might be the best time to take a road trip. The summertime crowds have gone, the weather is blissful and many towns host all sorts of enticing shoulder-season events to draw visitors out.

Fall leaves in Lithia Park
Stroll through Lithia Park in Ashland for fall foliage at its best. (Photo by Jak Wonderly / Travel Southern Oregon)

Guide to Fall Foliage in Oregon

Many Oregonians look forward to the last lingering days of summer with anticipation of approaching autumn ombré. As fall arrives, the days shorten, temperatures cool and the intense sun softens behind slate-gray cloud cover. Learn why and how the leaves change color, and where you can see the foliage show in action across the state.

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An orchardist smiling next to crates of apples
Visit Randy Kiyokawa at his orchard or farm stand late August through October, or find the orchard’s booth at farmers markets in the Gorge and Portland regions. (Photo by Shawn Linehan)

Guide to Oregon’s Juicy Autumn Apples

Whether you’re apple tasting in October — National Apple Month — or any time of year, here’s a guide to enjoying the great varieties and products of the Gorge’s apple harvest by visiting orchards, bakeries and tasting rooms.

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Man harvesting wine grapes in a vineyard
There’s nothing quite like harvest season at Oregon’s vineyards across the state. (Photo Credit: Troon Vineyard)

Experience Harvest Season in Oregon

If your vision of fall is filled with pumpkin spice, apple cider, fresh-hop beer or a crisp evening at a scenic vineyard, that pretty much sums up harvest season in Oregon. As summer turns into fall, the state’s agricultural bounty abounds. These spots offer all the makings for some of the most delightful harvest-season experiences you’ll find this season.

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A couple hiking alongside redwood trees

5 Stress-Busting Hikes in Southern Oregon

If you ask 10 people in Oregon to name their favorite hiking trail, they’ll likely give you 10 different answers. From Portland’s Wildwood Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail, to the Oregon Coast Trail and every trailhead in between, Oregon is a hiker’s dream come true. Here are five stress-busting hikes to hit up in the winter.

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Sahalie waterfalls surrounded by mossy rocks

6 Lesser-Known Waterfalls in Oregon

It would be easy to believe that the only place to discover stunning waterfalls in Oregon is the Columbia River Gorge — it’s home to dozens of falls cascading off basalt cliffs. Yet spectacular waterfalls can be found in the Central Cascades and Coast Range — in the high desert, Oregon Coast and North Umpqua canyon — on trails and viewpoints where solitude is the norm and crowds are the exception. Here are six of Oregon’s most beautiful but lesser-known waterfalls.

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A person looking at birds with binoculars

Oregon Birding for Beginners

No matter what the season in Oregon, going outside to enjoy nature and the fresh air is more essential than ever. Now may just be the perfect time to take up the meditative, educational and inclusive hobby known as birding — an easy social-distancing activity year-round, including the fall and winter months. Here is a guide to help get you started.

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