Bend Camper Rental

Bend Camper Rental grew out of one family’s adventures on a trip with a rental camper. They left campgrounds behind and headed off-road for the wilder side of life. If this is what you find exciting, the team at Bend Camper Rental knows you’ll have a great time renting one of their two models of campers. They also rent their Dodge Power Wagon to travelers who need a higher clearance vehicle to tow their Bend Camper rental. 

These camper rentals are for serious explorers who want to have an overland experience yet like a nice place to lay their heads at night. Bend Camper Rental are creatively built to carry your essentials into the wilderness and give you the greatest living experience in the least amount of space. Bend Camper Rental includes bedding and kitchenware in all rental campers. You might think you’re glamping.