Spalding Pond Campground

This listing is provided by Travel Southern Oregon

This primitive camping area is near the historic mill site pond.  This pond is stocked with rainbow trout annually by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Fishing is best in the spring to early summer. There is an accessible trail and fishing platform. 

  •  4 campsites with picnic tables, and fire pits 
  • No drinking water 
  • No toilet 
  • No garbage disposal – Please pack it out 
  •  This is a small man-made lake / pond with an earth dam. 
  • Only 4 campsites around or close to the pond. 
  • Other unimproved sites are located up the hill on a large landing. 
  • Are is mostly used by day users for fishing or swimming. 
  • Boat usage is restricted to non-motorized.