Tree Climbing at Silver Falls

Experience the unforgettable adventure of climbing giant 300 foot old-growth trees at Silver Falls State Park.

This is one of the most unique activities in Oregon and top outdoor things to do near Portland. No experience required.

This is a unique adventure, family friendly experience, and a must do outdoor activity, that should be at the top of your list. This experience will give you unforgettable memories, views, perspectives of nature, and there is nothing else like it. You will learn how to ascend some of the tallest trees in the world, high into the canopy of rare giant old-growth trees and experience an adventure that seems to take you out of this world. Learn about unique ecology, animals, and plants related to old-growth forests.

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    June 5, 2023
    Anna B

    Sunset climb 6/4

    Tim was an incredible guide!! I am scared of heights so I was a little nervous doing this with my boyfriend but I felt reassured by Tim, this company clearly considers safety to be a top priority and even with little experience with climbing I felt safe with the gear and the guidance. The demonstrations were detailed and thorough and I felt well prepared for the big climb! This was truly a once in a life time experience, the sunset was gorgeous and I would highly recommend silver falls old growth tree climb. I can tell this company is selective about who they hire, Tim was so calm and personable, I can’t recommend him enough.

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    May 22, 2023

    Can't wait to go again!

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Tree Climbing At Silver Falls! Our guides, Brennan and Timmy, were fantastic. They gave us clear instructions, and we got to practice on a smaller tree first, to get to know the equipment (all in good shape) and just how it all works before going over to our 220ft tree. We made it up to about 180ft! (Yes, we are so proud of ourselves!) Brennan and Timmy knew their stuff, but kept it fun, too. They were encouraging when someone needed it, and helped us problem-solve as we were going up. It was exhilarating, and I can't wait to go again!

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    May 14, 2023
    Riley S

    Tree Climbing Course

    I took the 2.5 day tree climbing course at Silver Falls State Park. The course was very good, and Leo the instructor was very thorough and safety conscious. He answered all my questions and I learned a lot. I would definitely recommend this course if you are interest in learning how to climb 200 foot tall trees!

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    May 1, 2023

    It's a little work and well worth it in every respect

    If you can do a few shallow knee bends, you can climb a 200' tree! And you should - there's nothing like hanging - or sitting or standing - high in a Douglas Fir with a trunk that's bigger than many cars. Look *over* the surrounding forest. Clamber up branches too big to grip. Rest, repeat. It's not technical, and there's time to practice on a tree near the parking lot. Then off to the BIG tree for the BIG climb. Your guide is within voice of the entire party, and can zip up or down as needed to assist. I found it critically important to ensure your harness is comfortable for just hanging before you leave the parking lot - hanging to rest is important, both to enjoy the experience, and to make it all the way up. Your guides will help you adjust the harness for comfort. Then you're good to go, as far up as you're interested and capable. Even 20' gives you a hugely different perspective on the tree and the surround forest. We found the guides friendly, helpful and supportive every step along the way.

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    May 1, 2023

    Play like you are Peter Pan

    This was a wonderful experience that I bought my husband and me for his birthday. He and 2 others rope climbed 200' up a Douglas Fir and played around in the branches. Kind of like Peter Pan, jumping from one branch to the other. I have balance problems, so they used a battery-operated hoist for me, and I was able to go up the tree. We fully enjoyed it. All of the crew were extremely helpful. Our guide, Tim, was just a delight.

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