Where can two teenagers and their mom have an outdoor adventure near Portland?

Oregon is a great place for teenagers (and you!) You definitely won’t need camping stuff, but if you could pack a pair of sturdy shoes to hike in, you might be happy you did! There are plenty of hikes in the area that are just under an hour drive to get to. And there are plenty of places to hike within Portland as well!

My top recommendations:

  1. Angels Rest
  2. Eagle Creek Hike
  3. Multnomah Falls Loop Hike
  4. Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain
  5. Ramona Falls Hike

None of these hikes are too strenuous and you won’t need camping gear for them.

Places to hike in Portland are:

  1. Lower MacLeay Park to Pittock Mansion
  2. Leif Erikson Trailhead
  3. Washington Park Japanese and Rose Gardens
  4. Wildwood Trail through Forrest Park
  5. Mt. Tabor Reservoir Hike