What’s a beautiful place near Baker City where I can propose to my girlfriend?

What exciting news! Baker City is a pretty amazing place with a lot of beautiful vistas nearby, and even more if you have extra time to explore. The downtown area has some beautiful cityscapes, including in front of the historic Geiser Grand Hotel. There are some lovely valley views along the Elkhorns as you drive between Baker City and Haines. To the immediate east there is the Baker City Oregon Trail Interpretive Center that holds views of the Elkhorns and from a vantage just above the valley. The Powder River flowing next to Highway 7 toward Sumpter has some nice roadside spots as well. If you have time, Anthony Lakes would be a great spot with mountain views and lakeside beauty, but this would require a bit of travel depending which way you are passing through Baker City. Check out some trip reports from Travel Oregon here. Have a wonderful trip!