What is the best brewery on the Oregon Coast?

Thanks for the inquiry. I always have a hard time with “best” questions, because that’s a fundamentally subjective judgment. What I can say is that we have several award-winning breweries that are much beloved on the Oregon Coast. In Astoria, I’d direct you to Fort George and Buoy, two great places. Heading south, you might like to hit Pelican in Pacific City, which has one of the best views in the world. Pelican is one of the most-lauded brewery in the state, but if you can’t make it as far as Pacific City, they have a new outpost in Cannon Beach.

Your next stop south is the Rogue mothership in Newport — it’s as wonderfully working class and inviting as any brewery you’ll find. Finally, in the far south is a brewery called Arch Rock in Gold Beach that has a small but impressive range of beers.