Can you name a rustic, upscale and secluded getaway for our honeymoon?

You’re throwing me a little with the combination of rustic, upscale and secluded; and the range of within 10 or 20 miles of the coast that is 363 miles long, but I do have a suggestion. Consider WildSpring Guest Habitat in Port Orford. I think it definitely qualifies as rustic and upscale cabins. I’m assuming in November, it will be quiet and it is on a wooded property of only five cabins and just a short drive from the small town of Port Orford, so that might qualify as secluded. One of the cabins has a classic wood burning stove. I definitely think it is honeymoon worthy. The property itself is peaceful and inspiring with an oceanfront spa and guest hall.

That said, given the extensive range you are considering, there may be dozens of other options that are vacation rentals that I am not aware of. There are many vacation rental companies you could research for their properties that may fit your desire. Personally, WildSpring would be my choice.

Happy exploring and celebrating!