Oregon’s Wine Country

Sipping and sightseeing in the Willamette Valley
March 11, 2018

The farmers who first planted wine grapes in the Willamette Valley planted their wildest dreams into the soil: the hope that someday this region would becomes one of the world’s best.

It may be one of the youngest wine regions, but the hundreds of vineyards and wineries that grace the Willamette Valley have gradually drawn international acclaim. And while we’re wild about the wine in the Willamette Valley, there’s also an abundance of beer, mead, cider and farm-to-table cuisine worth exploring while you’re here — not to mention the hiking and biking trails, historic covered bridges and Cascade Mountain peaks that surround it all.

The Humble Story of Oregon Wine

Just 50 years ago, the Willamette Valley as a famed wine region was still just a dream — an unlikely one, at that. This is the story of the wine pioneers who made the dream a reality.

Willamette Valley Winemaking the Communal Way

The roots of a shared winery — in which small, individually licensed producers crush, age and bottle their wines using the same equipment and facilities — were first planted in the U.S. in Oregon, with the opening of the Carlton Winemakers Studio in 2002. Meet some of the other wineries who are following in their footsteps.

Car-Free Getaway to Wine Country

Getting to wine country isn’t the problem. Never wanting to leave may be. Here’s your itinerary.

Cheers to Craft Beer in Corvallis

There’s a lot more than wine in the Willamette Valley. From a brewing standpoint, Corvallis has been dealt quite a hand of cards. The jewel of Benton County resides at the core of the mid-Willamette Valley, known far and wide for its agricultural abundance, which, of course, includes hops. For the intrepid craft beer imbiber who prefers quality to crowds and an open trail around every wooded corner, Corvallis’ beer scene is ready for you.

Detour-Worthy Eateries Along I-5

Few roads in the nation traverse such fruitful territory as Oregon’s Interstate 5. You’ll want to plan for a detour at these savory spots.

Nectar Creek Mead Corvallis Oregon

Sipping Spots in the Mid-Valley

From cider to mead, coffee liqueur to native gin, here are 9 spots to stop for a taste of beverage innovation in Corvallis and Albany.

Fall Creek Oregon

Magical Moments in the Cascades

In east Lane County, you can have the best of both worlds. Rustic and refined. Adrenaline-pumping and relaxed. You just need to know where to start. Fortunately we have just the itinerary for you — one that lets you sit back and enjoy the ride.

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