It would be easy to walk across the cracked surface of the Alvord Desert and assume you were standing on another planet. But no, you’re just in Eastern Oregon.

Things look different out here in the big, vast nowhere. Which is why so many people like it. It’s hard to look down into Hells Canyon — the deepest river gorge in North America — or quietly steer your canoe across the placid waters of Anthony Lake and not feel a little more connected to the world we live in.

It’s not all cowboy country though. If you need a break from all the cabins and camping and unspoiled-wilderness adventures, towns like Joseph and Enterprise offer art galleries, shopping and incredible farm-to-table dining.

But the real star will always be the land itself. Between the alpine summits, twisting rivers, rolling pastures, herds of bison, deserts and lonesome ghost towns, the West is still wild in Oregon.

Eastern Oregon

Eastern Oregon: Wide open spaces

Pictured Above

If Mother Nature’s an artist, her work can be seen at the Painted Hills in Eastern Oregon

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