This is What Oregon Tastes Like

Oregon's food scene is kind of a big deal.
April 1, 2019

Oregonians are unapologetically passionate about food and drink. And it’s no wonder when you consider the amazing natural ingredients at our disposal — things like fresh-caught salmon, wild-foraged mushrooms and hand-harvested sea salt. Then there’s all that amazing seasonal produce from family farms, heirloom fruit from heritage orchards, toasty hazelnuts from the Willamette Valley and artisan cheeses from around the state. Did we mention small-batch estate-grown wines, scores of craft breweries and a burgeoning spirits scene?

However you decide to experience Oregon’s culinary scene, you’re sure to form your own passionate opinions about it, and in doing so you’ll fit right in it.

Taste Oregon’s Most Iconic Ingredients

Portland is widely regarded as one of America’s greatest food cities, but that’s due in large part to what lies beyond city limits: Oregon’s farm-fresh abundance. This sprawling state is a wonderland of potential ingredients. Our bounty feeds an ever-evolving and growing dining scene, permanently enshrining its place amongst the upper echelons of culinary destinations.

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For the Love of Cheese

What many cheese lovers might not know is that you can find a whopping 250 varieties of sheep, cow and goat cheeses made in the state. Oregon’s cheesemakers are building strong traditions with an age-old craft.

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Eating Around the Fruit Loop

The famed Hood River County Fruit Loop — with farm stands, wineries, cideries, berry farms and more — celebrates its 26th anniversary in 2019. Luckily, there are plenty of tasty lunch spots along the way.

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5 Tasty Innovations in Seaside

For generations, hungry visitors have flocked to Oregon’s quintessential beach town in search of classic coastal fare. None other than father-of-all-foodies James Beard, the 20th-century icon of American cookery, learned to prepare seafood during his childhood summers in Seaside. These days you’ll still find plenty of traditional fish houses and candy shops in town, but Seaside has also fully embraced the Pacific Northwest’s strong appetite for culinary innovation.

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“There is absolutely no substitute for the best. Good food cannot be made of inferior ingredients masked with high flavor. It is true thrift to use the best ingredients available and to waste nothing.” – James Beard

Oregon Wine Month

Oregon’s wine scene has blossomed to more than 600 wineries in 18 AVAs and is the third largest wine-grape-producing state in the nation. Our talented vintners regularly earn international and national accolades. The best time to taste it all just might be Oregon Wine Month.

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Cheers to Oregon Solidarity Wine

Oregon oenophiles this year will be able to sip and savor three special-release wines that are the happy result of a mission-driven operation: To save about 150 tons of precious winemaking grapes from small family farms in Southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley.

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Food, Family and Wine in the Rogue Valley

DANCIN Vineyards represents a culmination of a life lived in pursuit of connection. this award-winning winery in Southern Oregon is a monument to the magic that happens when wine, food, and people come together. Here’s how you can experience all that this acclaimed Rogue Valley estate has to offer.

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Oregon’s Sustainable Breweries

In Oregon, not only do we have great beer to drink, we have beer you can feel great about drinking. Whether they’re brewing organic, conserving energy or sourcing thoughtfully, many of the state’s craft beer companies are brewing a strong culture of sustainability.

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The Terroir of Beer

It should come as no surprise that in beer-crazy Oregon, a number of breweries court “spontaneous fermentation.” In fact, you’ll find them scattered all over the state. If you want to take a gastronomic tour of this funky, yeasty terroir, these unusual breweries beckon.

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A Walking Guide to Central Portland

Few cities in America are better explored on foot than Portland, with its distinct neighborhoods, clusters of culinary and entertainment venues, and uniquely small 200-square-foot blocks. Stay within walking distance of Portland’s urban core and find a whirlwind of eateries and breweries at your feet. Here’s your guide to exploring Stumptown’s remarkably walkable core.

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