Calling All Oregon Adventure-Seekers

Because sometimes you're ready to take exploring to the next level.
April 1, 2019

Everyone travels differently. Some prefer simple hikes over the chatter of friends. Others enjoy leisurely riding a bike to a five-star restaurant. Then there are those who are fueled by adrenaline — the rush of speeding down singletrack or catching air over a canyon — and they come to Oregon for adventure.

And Oregon delivers. Whatever action sport you’re into or want to learn, you’ll find it here. Just always keep safety practices at top of mind, so you’ll have plenty more times to shred in Oregon.

Catching Air in Oregon

Warning to all adrenaline junkies: These skyward adventures will make you swoon. Oregon’s clear skies, big winds, rugged landscapes and accessible waterways all add up to endless opportunities for some one-of-a-kind airborne experiences. Here’s how to catch some air in Oregon.

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Mountain Biking in Oregon

Mountain bikers come from around the world to explore Oregon’s diverse landscape, climate and terrain. Oregon’s communities welcome the dirt surfers with miles of trails to shralp and plenty of places to stay, eat and imbibe nearby.

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Hit the Slopes in the Spring

Don’t put away your skis and snowboards just yet. In Oregon you can enjoy spring corn on the morning slopes and then bike, hike or paddle in the afternoon. Spring snowfall is a reminder that ski season ain’t over ’til it’s over.

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Jobs fill your pocket, but adventures fill your soul.

Top Climbing and Bouldering Adventures

Rock climbing in Oregon is as varied as the state’s dramatic landscapes. There’s something for all seasons and all skill levels. Here are nine climbing destinations throughout the state, for everyone from beginners to advanced rockhounds.

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Cool Places to Stay for Outdoor Adventures

Sometimes after a long, grueling day on the trail or cruising through surf, the last thing you want to do is set up a tent. For those outdoor enthusiasts who prefer a cushy bed over a sleeping bag, we’ve rounded up a host of accommodations.

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Snowboard, Surf and Skate in the Same Day

This Central Oregon hub is the ideal setting for three sports in one day, thanks to the proximity of Mt. Bachelor’s spring skiing, a whitewater park and the region’s high-desert climate, which offers an average of 160 sunny days per year.

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