Go with the Flow

Rapids, waves or whatever floats your boat
March 11, 2018

There’s nothing like the thrill of rafting down whitewater rapids, the cheers of your crew overpowering the roar of the river as new scenery unfolds through the mist.

And sometimes the moment is so captivating that it’s over sooner than you’d like. But that’s okay because there are plenty more opportunities to play on the water. Oregon is home to thousands of rivers and lakes, each beckoning for adventure for rafters, jet boaters, anglers and more.

Oregon’s rivers and lakes give life to the land. They’re also really pretty places to float, fish and drift into thought. Here are some ways you can experience Oregon’s spectacular waterways for yourself.

Rafting Oregon 101

If it’s a rafting trip you are looking for, you’ll find it in Oregon, home to everything from adventurous Class-V rivers in deep canyons to mellower whitewater rapids through countryside.

Oregon’s Wild & Scenic Rivers

Of the 200 National Wild and Scenic Rivers in the United States, 58 of them are here in the state of Oregon. You could say we have more than our fair share.

Sip & Relax with Guided Boat Trips

Enjoy a guided boat trip that takes it down a notch and delight in Oregon’s pristine waterways at a soothing pace, perhaps with a frosty beverage in hand.

Rivers are magnets for the imagination. – Tim Palmer

Oregon’s First Whitewater Surf Park

The Bend Whitewater Park connects a previously impassable part of the Deschutes Paddle Trail, offering three distinct channels to the delight of tubers, kayaks and surfers. Looking for thrills? Take the whitewater channel. Feeling mellow? Float down the passageway channel. Or better yet, try them both.

SUP in the City

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a not-so-new sport gaining momentum in Oregon. On any day you might see SUPers playing on Oregon’s rivers and lakes — on a coastal getaway, a day trip to the mountain or a sunny lunch break.

Kayak Fishing

What happens when you combine the joys of kayaking with the thrills of fishing? You get kayak fishing, an innovative way to enjoy outdoor recreation, one that will leave you satisfied whether or not you catch the big one.

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