Hagg Lake Ultra Relay

This listing is provided by Tualatin Valley

The Hagg Lake Ultra Relay is a race unlike any other.

If you’re looking for something different, look no further. Since the inaugural race held in Wisconsin in 2015, the event has hosted thousands of athletes from around the globe to experience a completely unique racing experience that blends the fierce competitive nature of the sport with ultimate laid back, bring your friends and have a good time experience. “It’s a race you need to experience to understand”. Simply put, there’s just nothing else like it. 

The smooth roads, the natural beauty and absolute serenity you’ll find at Henry Hagg is second to none. You’ll get it once you get here, but you’ve got to get here to get it. All participants will struggle together and all will support one another. Come as your are, fight for what you want. From Solo athletes to teams of up to 8. Triathlon, Duathlon, Aqua-bike, Cycle, Run or Swim – everyone is here to have fun.

So take a deep breath, sign up, and come experience a one of a kind racing experience.

There are only have two rules: 

1. Don’t quit.

2. Be kind to one another.