Northwest Skillet & Homestead Springs Farm & Forge

This listing is provided by Union County Chamber of Commerce

Watch the talented blacksmith artist at work and purchase his heirloom quality skillets and utensils. The farm includes gardens, sheep, kunekune pigs, poultry, and livestock guarden dogs on the picturesque acreage at the foot of Mt. Emily. Call for directions and to make an appointment to visit the farm and blacksmith shop. 

Homestead Springs Farm & Forge is a peaceful refuge of forest and pasture tucked into the Blue Mountains of Oregon. Owners Peter Clark and Sue Miller have combined their talents to bring you Northwest Skillet Company – hand crafted, carbon steel and copper cookwares.

They are pursuing their dream of self-reliance. They live by the seasons, raise their own food, and cook with their own handmade cookwares.

Their culinary tools are a slow-crafted, soul connection with the trade. With every piece made, they unearth ways of old. With every piece sold, the sustain the future of the trade. Their driving mission is to perpetuate the land and the craft of blacksmithing for generations to come.

*One of the many stops along the Grande Ronde Farm Trail