Buffalo Peak Land & Livestock

This listing is provided by Visit Eastern Oregon

This working cattle ranch successfully demonstrates how agriculture can coexist and benefit from good fishery habitat and functional ecosystems. Tours of the restoration project are available and must be scheduled in advance via email, [email protected]

B.O.B Exclusively Grassfed Beef is available to environmentally conscious individuals, restaurants, and grocery stores.

We want to give you the opportunity to:

  • Enjoy the best beef — slowly dry aged and locally hand cut with care;
  • Have a personal relationship with the people who grow your beef so you know where and how it is grown;
  • Strengthen our local economy by keeping food dollars at home;
  • Maintain Oregon’s open space and wildness by keeping ecologically sound ranches alive.

Learn more about their grassfed beef, Online ordering available HERE or on their website.

*One of the many stops along the Grande Ronde Farm Trail