Albany Historic Carousel and Museum

This listing is provided by Albany Visitors Association

Bring your sense of wonder to the Albany Historic Carousel & Museum where a unique collection of hand carved and painted animals awaits. 

Each member of the carousel’s magical menagerie has a captivating adoption story. For example, Daisy the baby elephant, was sponsored by the Mikkelson family to celebrate their great love of music. Daisy sings with her trunk in the air as she circles the carousel. She is accompanied by her tiny mouse friend, Mikey, who holds a music book and is also happily singing. Another remarkable carousel animal is Harriette, the frog. Adopted in loving memory of Anna Harriette Murphy, every detail on Harriette is symbolic of some aspect of Anna’s life. Anna grew up during the Great Depression and, like many, she made her own clothes and canned fresh produce. Harriette’s bloomers, like Anna’s, were made to resemble old flour sacks. She carries a canning jar of fireflies like the ones that Anna loved to catch as a child.

In the main carousel room, the Organ Music Box plays cheerful tunes as the carousel spins. Treats from the concession stand can be enjoyed at tables and chairs placed by the picturesque windows beneath a soaring arched interior. There are comfy bench seats on the carousel that accommodate individuals who do not wish to climb onto a carousel animal to ride.

The creation of new carousel animals continues, and visitors can watch the carving and painting in process. The museum displays historic carousel animals and decorations from 1895, and the carousel runs on a restored Gustav Dentzel 1909 mechanism. The Albany Historic Carousel & Museum is truly a unique experience for children of all ages. 

Admission to the building is free and includes access to the unique gift shop, museum and carving studio.