Kalkhoff Bikes

Why should Europeans have all the fun? This is what we were asking ourselves when we were touring around Munich on a couple of rented bikes. Sure, in our hometown of Portland the streets and bridges are filled with bikers. But among the throng of commuters, shoppers, students and families casually going about their lives on their bikes in Munich, driving suddenly seemed superfluous.

So we thought about what it would take for more Americans to step out of their cars and onto bikes, to realize it’s not a sacrifice but an improvement—a much more fun and free way to get around.

Well the bikes should be comfortable, reliable, have high-quality components, look great and feel great to ride. What about hills and getting around quickly without a sweat if you don’t want one? An E-Bike would solve that— but it should still be just like a bike, one you can pedal with or without the motor. Above all, it should be inspiring.

So we started looking around for the best line of urban transport and electric bicycles in the world and it didn’t take long to find them, not surprisingly, in Germany. Kalkhoff bikes, built in Europe’s most state-of-the-art bicycle plant, represent 90 years of bicycling tradition and cutting-edge designs. The Kalkhoff line of E-Bikes has been receiving glowing reviews across Europe as arguably the best E-Bikes available. It was an easy decision. Kalkhoff.

It’s inspiration. On two wheels.