Inviting Vines Garden Tour and Container Workshop

This listing is provided by Oregon's Mount Hood Territory

Friday Container Workshop presented by Bob Hyland, Hyland Garden Design, Take your container plantings to new heights with clematis and other vines at this all day container workshop. Learn about Bob’s philosophy, artistic approach, and climate-adaptive style for container designs. Catered lunch. Rogerson Clematis Garden tour with Linda Beutler, RCG curator, and David Mattern, of Philadelphia’s Chanticleer Garden.

Clematis Sales: Visit the Terrace and purchase a beautiful clematis or two to plant in your own container or garden. Saturday’s event includes a catered breakfast in the charming beautifully decorated barn at Luscher Farm with featured speaker David Mattern, tours of private gardens, raffle and silent auction, and afternoon workshops with Rogerson Clematis Garden partners.