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Take the Oregon Wine Quiz

July 17, 2019

You might know a little about Oregon wine, or you might know a lot. Luckily we have a fun little brain teaser to see where your knowledge ranks. Activate the Oregon Wine Quiz on your Amazon Alexa device, and then answer the questions with your voice. Afterwards you’ll be rewarded with an interesting story about Oregon wine — depending on how you score.

Your next Oregon wine adventure awaits Take the Oregon Wine Quiz on your Amazon Alexa device.


A hand holds a grape cluster in front of a misty vineyard.
Oregon is home to more than 760 wineries and 19 distinct growing areas. (Photo credit: Cotterell)

Oregon is home to more than 760 wineries and 19 distinct growing areas (also known as American Viticultural Areas, or AVAs) and one of the largest wine-grape-producing states in the nation. Our talented vintners regularly earn international and national accolades. And yet that early spirit of modesty remains. Oregon wineries, often family-owned, focus on small-batch, high-quality production. Visit a tasting room and you’re likely to see the owner pouring wine or moving barrels. One thing is certain: Wherever you go in Oregon wine country, you’re sure to get a warm welcome.

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