Dragon’s Vineyard

In 1997, Trudy and Pete Salerno purchased the land in Monroe, Oregon which would become Dragon’s Vineyard with the decision to raise their young family in a rural/small town environment. At the time Pete and Trudy were both heavily involved in professional careers that demanded a lot of their time.

In 2010 with retirement in sight Trudy planted Dragon’s Vineyard, a small, 3-acre vineyard of Dijon clones of Pinot Noir located in the mid-Willamette Valley. In order to pay tribute to the community Dragon’s Vineyard was named after the Monroe High School mascot. This is dragon country!

Dragon’s Vineyard produced its’ first commercial crop in 2014, which was sold to a local winery. Trudy continues to sell grapes locally.

In 2016 Dragon’s Vineyard and Wine Company was established and began producing wine under its’ own label.  It is a member of the Monroe Hills Winery Association.

Open by appointment only.