Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm

One of the largest tulip and daffodil bulb farms in the Northwest.

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm features 40 acres of color in bloom. Visitors can experience views of vineyards, distant mountains and gardens throughout the year.  Yearly events include the Tulip Festival, Pumpkin Festival, Fields of Terror, WS Winery and more.

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    April 8, 2021

    Beautiful attraction

    Driving to Seattle and so glad someone told us about this place . We booked online and spent a good two hours there . Weather was perfect and tulips were maybe 60% In bloom . Have been to the Keukenhoff in Netherlands . This was almost as good in terms of color and enjoyment. Sometimes too much is too overwhelming. Social distancing was hard to expect and so was mask wearing . No enforcement really. Variety of food offered was also just right . We loved our bbq beef brisket brioche. The wine tasting was cute and they have decent wines . I enjoyed seeing the blooms just peeking out and to full bloom. Seeing the workers pick and sort was eye opening . Definitely recommend if you are around here this time of year

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    April 4, 2021
    Stephanie W

    Family Friendly (dogs, too!)

    Like many places around the world, the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm was hit by COVID restrictions, according to their website. From what I could gather, they planted fewer tulips this year (2021) than usual, and tickets were sold online only. You choose a time and can come within that hour. Easy to purchase, and they had an individual, family and senior rate. Different prices on weekdays vs weekends - I assume because more activities are available. It does say on the ticket purchasing site that some activities are not available on weekdays. However, the website/facebook page seemed up to date when it said they had 40% bloom the last week in March, as there were many tulips in bloom but also quite a few that weren't yet blooming. Very efficient entrance, plenty of parking. There were food booths and some craft booths, and it was difficult to tell if some of them weren't open up for the day yet (it was 10 am when we arrived) or not open at all since it was a weekday. Hot air balloons at the time we visited were not available, but it looks like they offer tethered rides, which sound fun and interesting, and maybe a good choice for someone who has a fear of heights since it looks like they are just 5 minutes up and down! Wine tasting was also not available, but on the plus side it was not crowded; you could buy wine and flowers and bulbs and all sorts of souvenirs, and they did have a good selection of food choices. It's obviously a working farm since people are working while you are wandering the fields. It was interesting to watch the employees thinning out the rows and picking flower bunches to sell. Part of their acreage has kids rides and a big slide, so just know this if you bring kids - even though your kids under 12 don't have to have a ticket to get in, you will probably be spending money on those rides.... And they do have cute wagons shaped like cows that you can use, free, to haul your little ones around. There are signs everywhere asking you to not walk over the tulips and stay on the wide paths, but people were in between the skinny little rows taking photos all over the place. I didn't see anyone say anything to all the kids and families who were having their personal photo shoots, which it did look like is a popular activity at this festival - lots of kids and teenage girls dressed up in floral clothing! Overall, a great experience. If you can stay a while and have a snack or lunch, you can wander the fields more than once. We had just eaten before arriving so we didn't stay long, but it was worth it to see the tulips and watch the workers and guests a bit. Nice to people watch after a year spent mostly indoors due to COVID.

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    March 16, 2020
    ken m

    great tulip viewing

    one of the bes places to see and enjoy a vast variety of tulips. see in all phases of development and discuss with others what you have and results comparing with others.

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    November 4, 2019

    A must see! Like Amsterdam Tulips in Oregon!

    We were there the last weekend they were open and still acres of the most beautiful and incredible varieties of tulips. It's breathtaking! We got our glass of wine and meandered through the many rows of different colored tulips. There were things for families with children to do and loved that people could relax in various areas.

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    October 8, 2019

    Want to go back!

    I can't remember exact date of our visit to the Tulip Farm but hoping to get back when more tulips are in bloom. A great place for kids and cute gift stores.

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