Muirhead Canning

Discover the timeless tradition of Muirhead Canning, preserving top-quality fresh fruit since 1946. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every can, showcasing ripe, hand-picked, hand-packed local fruit that surpasses grocery store offerings.

As one of the last small-scale canneries in the country, the team at Muirhead Canning takes pride in their premium canned fruit and the quality-focused growers they support. Operating in the Northwest’s ideal soil and climate, they exclusively can FRESH, RIPE fruit – the kind you’d want to enjoy straight from the orchard. Their unique process mirrors home canning, avoiding chemicals for peeling, and embracing a hand-packing approach filled with love.

What sets Muirhead Canning apart is their dedication to using sugar, not corn syrup, to sweeten their syrup, ensuring a noticeable difference in taste. You can experience Muirhead Canning in three convenient ways: Pick Up directly from the cannery in The Dalles, where you can witness the canning process during the season; Shipped via UPS and USPS with accurate quotes available upon inquiry; or enjoy Delivery if you reside in their designated delivery area from October through December.

Immerse yourself in Muirhead Canning’s heritage by scheduling a tour during the summer months. Watch the canning process unfold for pears, applesauce, and more. Simply call ahead to schedule your tour and witness firsthand the craftsmanship behind Muirhead Canning. Additionally, plan ahead by calling to order preserved fruit and applesauce in the summer for convenient fall or winter pick-up. Taste the legacy of Muirhead Canning – where quality and tradition come together in every delightful bite.