Louisa Newmann: Personal Culinary Instruction

Do you make the same meals over and over? Are you looking to try something new? Don’t be overwhelmed in your kitchen because cooking is easy. And it’s fun!

With a rich abundance of locally grown food, Portland is one of the the most unique and exciting places to be a home chef. Imagine returning from the market to whipping up classics like homemade pasta, local salmon en papillote or even chocolate soufflés. Realize the full potential of your beautiful farmers market purchase!

Whether you’re a novice cook who’s struggling with basic knife skills or a seasoned amateur interested in exploring new areas of gastronomy, my in-home cooking lessons will have you perfecting the foods you love to eat in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Working together, we’ll create a personalized menu to practice classic techniques through delicious recipies. Sautéing, grilling, braising, stewing, soufflés and pastries–you’ll have the skills to prepare any recipe and even improvise.

In-home cooking lessons are ideal for you, your family or a group of friends. They make a great gift, especially for someone learning to use a new grill, appliance or cookware.

A two-hour, private Knife Skills lesson begins at $75.