The Dalles Murals

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Founded in March 1993, The Dalles Mural Society stands as a testament to preserving the region’s rich history through captivating visual storytelling. The society’s remarkable journey witnessed a significant leap during the 2022 Walldogs Northwest Muralfest, where local residents, volunteers, and the business community collaborated with mural painters from around the globe. This collaborative effort with the Walldogs, dedicated to preserving the tradition of brush-to-brick sign artistry, substantially expanded the mural project.

Renowned artists from the northwest showcased their exceptional talent by illustrating famous historical events, doubling the number of murals to over thirty-five and continue to add new murals every year. These artistic masterpieces not only celebrate The Dalles’ cultural heritage but also serve as a unique educational experience. Emphasizing key moments such as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, the murals aim to instill a deeper understanding of the region’s history, encouraging visitors to delve into its rich cultural tapestry. With legends accompanying each mural and some featuring audio narration, The Dalles invites visitors to immerse themselves in an ever-evolving narrative, making each mural a fascinating chapter in the community’s ongoing story.