Timberline Lodge

Legendary. Awe-inspiring. Steeped in rich Pacific Northwest history and built by hand to withstand the ages. 

The lodge guest rooms reflect the era of handmade furnishings and hand-painted artwork. This isn’t your average, run-of-the-mill ski lodge.

Built in 1936 and declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977, Timberline Lodge is one of Oregon’s most popular tourist attractions, drawing nearly two million visitors every year. Considered an architectural wonder, it’s still being used for its original intent—a magnificent ski lodge and mountain retreat for all to enjoy. 

Timberline is home to North America’s longest ski season. In the height of winter, the ground floor of the lodge is typically fully buried in snow, with entry through a snow tunnel, or directly into the second floor. The lodge, combined with with its cozy rooms, pub, restaurant and resident St. Bernards (Bruno and Heidi), is a welcome relief after a full day on the slopes.

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    December 15, 2020

    Timberline Lodge awful customer service

    We purchased a dine (2 entrees free) & stay package. We had horrible service at check-in. Mikey took a dislike to us and made us wait 2 hours to checkin. Meanwhile he and his team checked in 13 other parties early. Due to Covid, the dining room was closed so we had to go wait in line with a bunch of other people (not very safe in my opinion) to order our meals and then go back to the room and wait for our food. Then we had to tell the waitstaff what items to remove from our dining bill per our Dine & Stay package. They didn’t get it right and when I called a few days after checkout to ask for my itemized bill, including meals, they said they don’t save that information. This was unacceptable and we will not be staying there ever again.

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    October 11, 2020

    Anniversary Stay with Dinner, Beakfast and hike

    Timberline is magical. The staff was attentive, the lodge is well maintained in pristine condition and the menus for dinner and breakfast in the Cascade Dining Room offered a good variety. The entire staff was attentive and the feather bed and down comforter super cozy.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    September 9, 2020

    Visit for the view and the lodge

    We visited to see the lodge itself. My wife hadn't been there for ~10 years and wanted to share the experience, and great it was. The Timberline Lodge was a WPA (Work Projects Administration) building of the 1930's during the nation's Great Depression. Federal funds were spent to construct the lodge building to put out of work skilled and unskilled people to work. The place is bold and full of artisan touches: construction, wood carvings, furniture, paintings, etc. Above the Lodge there is a path to the Pacific Crest Trail. Great vistas all round from 6,000 foot elevation. Though COVID-19 conditions existed, the restaurant was open for limited seating and the bar upstairs was open for drinks to go. Normally summer crowds pack this place, but it was mostly empty so a great time to visit.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    September 8, 2020

    Amazing location

    It's a bit tired and pretty dated, and there is absolutely zero sound-proofing between the rooms (to the point they provide earplugs). Breakfast was expensive and forgettable. The staff seem very much "temp" staff. They didn't have a huge amount of knowledge about the services or area but they were nice people. However, the location of this place and the air you breathe when you walk out the door cannot be matched. I would go back but I'd try to secure a room that would be quieter.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    September 7, 2020
    Marcus W

    A great visit on Labor Day Weekend

    We stayed in room 107 also known as the President Suite and highly recommend to stay in this room if it's a couple's weekend retreat. The room was very spacious, clean, and overall hotel room items were all in working order. You can tell that Timberline Lodge goes above and beyond to keep these historic room suites up-to-date. The staff was very professional and easy to communicate with when we had questions. My only concerns is the lack of eating options at the lodge due to Covid-19 and their vending machine snack options. It's nice their vending machines do take credit cards. But that's only minor complaint. They have taken the Covid-19 situation very seriously and we felt safe there. One of the maids we passed by has a wonderful voice; we heard her singing when passing by. Our overall experience at Timeberline Lodge was wonderful and we'll for sure be back.

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