: Klamath Lake, by Taylor Tupper / Klamath Tribes News Dept.

The Klamath Tribes

The largest freshwater lake in Oregon, Upper Klamath Lake is the heart of the Klamath Basin — and the soul of the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin-Paiute people who have lived here since ancient times. 

Together they make up the Klamath Tribes, whose ancestral lands encompass a breathtakingly beautiful and diverse land- scape of forest, grassland, mountains and waterways across (and beyond) what is today Southern Oregon.

For hundreds of generations, the tribes of the Klamath thrived in this rich land east of the Cascades. They fished its lakes and rivers, hunted in its forests and marshes, and survived the lean winter months on their prudent reserves from the abundant seasons.

More About This Tribe

The self-sufficiency of the Klamath Tribes endures today, even in the face of broken treaties, the loss of tribal lands, the brutal Modoc War and ongoing battles to maintain their water rights. The Klamath Tribes Aquatics staff is working to heal waterways and restore sustainable fishing. The Klamath Tribes Cultural and Heritage Department teaches tribal language, hosts tribal ceremonies, runs a Culture Camp for tribal youth, and is designing a tribal museum and interpretive center. The tribal-owned KLA-MO-YA Casino, Sleep Inn & Suites and Crater Lake Junction Travel Center in Chiloquin create jobs and strengthen the local economy.

With a traditional greeting of Waq’li’si, the Klamath Tribes welcome you to their homeland. As you marvel at bird-filled skies and shimmering lakes, take a moment to appreciate how these and so many other special places are an integral part of the Klamath people. Respecting the land and the water also respects those who came before and hold these places sacred.

Outline of Oregon with Klamath Tribe tribal land displayed.

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