Winter Wildlife Watching on the Coast

This season, which is largely undiscovered for wildlife viewing, head to the Coast for some of the state’s most compelling critters — dozens of species of migratory birds, tidepools teeming with life, thousands of whales and boisterous sea lions. What’s not to love? See for yourself. More
: Greg Vaughn

Depoe Bay

This town is known as the Whale Watching Capital of the Oregon Coast thanks to a resident pod of gray whales that makes its home offshore from March through December.

Catch a view of them from the Whale Watching Center, the many shore observation spots or a charter boat. A huge sea wall runs the length of the downtown area, enabling visitors to shop or dine within view of the ocean.

Trip Ideas

  • A Getaway in Depoe Bay
    Depoe Bay was once nothing more than a quaint fishing town. Today, while fishermen and their boats still call its small harbor home, the town's claim to fame is as the “Whale Watching Capitol of... More
  • Why You’ll Love the Oregon Coast Trail
    The Oregon Coast Trail (OCT) is 382 miles of pieced-together paths, soft lanes of pine needles, wide-open beaches and sidewalks that run through buzzing shoreline towns. It’s yet to garner the attention of far more... More
  • Spring Whale Watch
    Robins are the harbingers of spring for some, but here in Oregon, our seasonal messengers are bigger, grayer and wetter. Spring is marked by the great gray whale migration, when approximately 19,000 of these magnificent... More

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Depoe Bay


Ask Oregon

Where can we go whale watching?

You can spot whales nearly year-round on the Oregon Coast. Gray Whales migrate along the Oregon Coast twice a year, once in spring as they are headed north and in winter when headed south. There are about 200 whales that only migrate as far north as Oregon and can be seen nearly year-round until they…

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