William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge – Bruce Rd Access

Migratory waterfowl are abundant throughout the refuge, but McFadden’s Marsh often holds the largest winter flocks of Northern Pintail, Tundra Swan, and Cackling and Canada Goose, which roost and forage by the thousands. Goose flocks can include Greater White-fronted, Snow, Ross’, and Emperor Goose, or Brant, as rarities. Bald Eagle and Peregrine Falcon are often around these flocks; also watch for Golden Eagle (occasional), Red-shouldered Hawk, and Barred Owl. In spring look and listen for American Bittern and Common Yellowthroat. Farther W on Bruce Rd, a wide gravel trail gives seasonal access to the interior of the refuge including Pigeon Butte and Cabell Marsh (closed Nov?Mar), and a hiking trail through riparian habitat leads to Cheadle Marsh. Scan grazed grass fields for American Pipit, Streaked Horned Lark, and Lapland Longspur (rare). In spring, scan the small mitigation wetland W of Cheadle Marsh for Wilson’s Phalarope and Yellow-headed Blackbird, along with more common wetland birds. Rough-legged Hawk is regularly seen here in Winter.

From intersection of Finley Refuge Rd with Hwy 99W (9 mi S of Corvallis), continue 2.6 mi S and turn R on Bruce Rd at a modern country store, and go W 0.5 mi to gravel parking area for boardwalk trail to viewing blind on McFadden Marsh.