Skinner Butte

Skinner Butte is the Willamette Valley’s best spring migration site for songbirds. A loop trail and improved foot paths provide excellent birding opportunities through coniferous forests on the N slope and mixed deciduous forest and woodland on the S slope. During the migration season, practically any species of songbird that occurs in the Willamette Valley can be found here. On some days during migration, ‘fallouts’ occur with dozens of flycatchers, warblers, vireos, and tanagers showing up for the day. Bald Eagle, Cooper’s Hawk, and Osprey nest on the butte. The park has facilities to accommodate large numbers of visitors and provides excellent views of Eugene.

From 5th Ave near the Public Market in downtown Eugene, turn N onto Pearl St. Cross the railroad tracks and continue 0.1 mi to 3rd Ave, and turn W (L) to enter the park. After 0.2 mi turn sharply R at the gate and continue with caution up to the parking lot on top; use care as the road is narrow and is shared by cars, pedestrians, and bicyclists.