Sheridan Wetlands Park

This park is one of the best known waterfowl and shorebird spots in Yamhill County. Comprising a small pond on the L as you drive in, a large wastewater treatment pond in front of the parking area, and two huge ponds to the L (N) of the dike, the area can host waterfowl year-round. In the fall, scan for dabbling and diving ducks, geese and shorebirds. In summer, Osprey regularly hunt the ponds. Access to the ponds is limited, both because it is a wastewater treatment facility, and because it is next to a federal prison. While the main pond is also visible from the shoulder of Hwy 18, stopping there is not advised as this creates a situation of concern for law enforcement.

The Sheridan Wetlands Park is on the S side of Hwy 18, between the Sheridan Federal Correctional Facility and Hwy 18 at Sheridan, just east of the Ballston Rd overpass. Follow a short gravel drive off the paved road (Bridge St) to reach the wetlands. GPS 45 06 N, 123 23.3 W.