Timber Bronze 53

This listing is provided by Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce

All of Timber Bronze 53’s bronze products are handcrafted using solid bronze, utilizing the lost wax process to develop the pieces. As a result, they are not perfectly uniform; the shape and surface texture may vary a bit from piece to piece, and the exact size and placement of highlights may also vary.

If you see one of their pieces that you like but want to tweak a little to fit your style, let Timber Bronze 53 know. Most custom requests cost very little or nothing at all, depending on the item. They can usually make alterations in the wax process, such as lengthening a handle or re-positioning a knob, without any trouble. In fact, they LOVE making changes. It brings out the creative side in the team at Timber Bronze 53, and you, and brings the process to life. There is something innately satisfying about watching an idea being transformed into an artistic piece, especially when you have a part in the development of that idea.