Albany Regional Museum

Start your discovery of Albany, Oregon, and surrounding areas at the Albany Regional Museum. 

The museum’s permanent and rotating exhibits include thousands of artifacts and photographs encompassing the area’s rich history and contemporary interests including the specialty metals industry that helped launch the world’s first nuclear submarine. 

Timber, another important industry, is also recognized. The Albany Timber Carnival, the nation’s premier event celebrating this industry, is showcased and the museum’s exhibit highlights the women and men who made the carnival so great.

Detailed dioramas also portray several historic businesses. The old train station exhibit includes an 1890 map proclaiming Albany, the “Great Railroad Center of the North West,” and the Hale Deluxe Shoe Shine exhibit recalls an era of gentlemanly refinement.

This is a great location to get your kids into history in the hands-on area, and then explore the books for sale in the museum book store. Housed in a beautiful 1887 Italianate building, the Albany Regional Museum sets the stage for exploring Historic Albany, a city with one of the largest and most varied collections of historic buildings in Oregon. 

Admission is free and donations are appreciated.