Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts

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Renowned artist James Lavadour (Walla Walla) and friends incorporated Crow’s Shadow Institute of the Arts in 1992, with the idea of using art as a transformative tool within the Native American community. Just as art had changed and given new meaning to his own life, Lavadour wanted to create a place that would help others of American Indian heritage similarly realize the potential of art.

Over the years, CSIA has offered various youth services and educational workshops covering a wide spectrum of art forms, also serving as a location for special projects and collaborations with major artists.

In 2001, CSIA turned its main attention to fine-art printmaking, whereby artists could come expand their professional portfolios to create and market monotypes, monoprints and print edition.

The art gallery is open to visitors Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. See their online calendar for special events and workshops.