Kirk Park

This park is along the Long Tom River, which flows from the spillway of Fern Ridge Dam, just across Clear Lake Rd. Oak and Oregon ash dominate the habitat, with willows along the margins of several ponds. Kirk Pond, the large shallow pond along the N side of Clear Lake Rd, hosts large flocks of American Wigeon in winter, usually with a few Eurasian Wigeon, Canvasback, and sometimes more rare ducks. In winter, the spillway attracts numerous gulls, and Great Egrets line the river. Cliff Swallows nest here in spring. The predawn fly-out of Tundra Swan flocks from winter roosts on the reservoir is a spectacle worth seeing and hearing. From the top of the earthen dam, scope the lake for gulls, terns, and (rarely) jaegers. In spring, watch for Bald Eagle and for Osprey carrying fish to their nest. Listen for rails in the marshy areas, and Wrentit along riparian edges in the park. Camping is available at nearby Richardson Park.