Filberts Farmhouse Kitchen

This listing is provided by North Marion Tourism Collaborative

Filberts Farmhouse Kitchen was born from a love of quality food, exceptional service and a sense of community. We serve classic American comfort food executed with culinary expertise and Farmhouse flavor. The American Comfort food concept was curated after thinking about dishes that may have been enjoyed in this very farmhouse 150 years ago. Dishes like scratch made Meatloaf, Pork Chops, and Cornbread. Filberts pays homage to the ever-expanding filbert (Hazelnut) industry by featuring them in many of our dishes and desserts. At its core, the menu focuses on fresh products from the local area.

The restaurant is located in the historic colony district of Aurora, Oregon and was constructed as an addition to the original Mohler farmhouse built in 1865. The new building was designed to emulate the historic colonial architecture of the original house. Antiques from the area are proudly displayed on our walls.

Filberts’ welcoming dining space is both elegant and cozy. We offer seating in our lively dining area, outdoor seating overlooking the original orchards as well as seating in the original 1865 Mohler Farmhouse. The atmosphere is classy yet inviting making it the perfect place for a special occasion, a place to meet after work or an afternoon lunch with friends. When you walk in the door, you can tell right away that you’re in for a charming experience.