Hopstories: Brewers Union Local 180

January 27, 2014 (Updated October 6, 2016)

It’s not difficult to find good beer in Oregon. Just about every little town has a brewpub, most serving a good beer or two. But for beer lovers willing to wander off the beaten path to the small mountain town of Oakridge, you’ll find Brewer’s Union Local 180, Oregon’s only real ale public house. Every BU180 beer is brewed from a recipe specifically crafted for cask conditioning (as opposed to the slightly more common practice of cask conditioning a beer usually served from a keg). The difference is palatable.

A tour through England introduced Ted to real ale and cemented his lifelong love of a good pub. What makes a good pub? “You’ve got to have character, you have to have atmosphere, and you have to have personality,” he says. Packed full of books, local art, and an impressive beer bottle collection, Ted has created a place to sit and enjoy a beer free of typical restaurant-style pressure. “We like to learn names, find out who everybody is, and welcome everybody and let them feel comfortable. There’s no wait staff. We don’t have somebody come to the table and take your order from you. If you want something, you come to the bar. We leave you alone.”

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