Benedictine Brewery and Taproom

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Mount Angel Abbey is a place where monastic life cultivates hard work and prayer, and every bottle will be brewed to the glory of God. 

They use hops grown in their own backyard and pristine Oregon water, and they brew their handcrafted beer on sight, at the Abbey.

All are welcome to enjoy the beer in gatherings of food and fellowship, nourishing both the body and spirit. 

Benedictine Brewery is a "for-profit" business solely owned by Mount Angel Abbey. 100% of the profits are donated to the Abbey, local and regional charities, and local economic development.

About Mount Angel Abbey

The monks at Mount Angel Abbey follow the Rule of Life as set forth in the sixth-century by Saint Benedict of Nursia. The Benedictine tradition advocates a life of prayer and work.

Founded from the Swiss Abbey of Engelberg in 1882, Mount Angel strives to be a place of peace and solitude in a very busy world. This community keeps alive the ancient tradition of the choral office, the love of learning and Christian hospitality.