Tumalo Farmstand

This listing is provided by Visit Central Oregon

Located in Tumalo, Oregon. Tumalo Farmstand serves as a seasonal farmstand, offering local, fresh produce to the Central Oregon community. The Tumalo Farmstand is an outdoor produce stand (open April/May – October) that specializes in customer service and quality produce. Working closely with local farmers from Central, Eastern and NW Oregon to Tri Cities and Yakima, the Tumalo Farmstand offers variety and freshness straight from the farms.

At the Tumalo Farmstand you can expect amazing produce at affordable rates. Founded on love and a passion for fresh fruit and vegetables, the Tumalo Farmstand was established in May 2017. Growing up in Hawaii, the owners have fond memories of picking apple bananas in their backyard and eating fresh pomegranates on the way to school. When they moved to Bend in 1998, they created new memories with their first bite into a freshly picked NW Peach and a love for the assortment of berries and cherries. As the owner and founder of the Tumalo Farmstand, they believe in providing the community with exceptionally great tasting produce. You are guaranteed to have an amazing experience in taste.