Redmond Caves Recreation Site

This listing is provided by Travel Oregon

The Redmond Caves Recreation Site consists of five caves formed by volcanic flows of molten lava from the Newberry Caldera. Follow in the footsteps of Native Americans who used the caves over the last 6,000 years. Nestled inside Redmond’s city limits, and managed in partnership with the City of Redmond, the caves offer a great way to take learn about geology, wildlife and past human use.

Know Before You Go:

  • Open year round.
  • These caves are preserved in their natural state; therefore, inherent risks exist that require precautions: watch for rattlesnakes, take 3 sources of light, wear sturdy shoes, take someone with you and let someone know where you’re going! 
  • There are no toilets or other amenities. 
  • Firearm discharge, trapping and geocaching are not allowed. 
  • Pets are NOT allowed in the caves. 
  • Leave only footprints and take nothing but pictures!

Point of Interest: A single lava tube collapsed, creating 5 caves and giving you an easy place to explore. It’s time to get up close and personal with Central Oregon’s unique geology.