Little Cowhorn Mountain Lookout

Elevation: 4243 ft.
Built: 1960, Flat-roof w/cab
Trail: 1 mile, moderate
Staffing: not currently staffed by Middle Fork R.D.

Little Cowhorn is a must-visit lookout point in the Forest. It has a long history of maintenance by volunteers and is in very good condition. The mountaintop is a very open, rocky area that can be safely explored and traversed. The views of the Cascade Crest are somewhat distant, but you will have excellent vistas of the western edge of the Forest, and some major watersheds, such as Fall Creek. The trail rises through several types of vegetation and terrain, including deep timber, rocky outcroppings with dramatic towering faces, exposed flowering rocky slopes, and the grassy mountaintop area. An excellent early season warm-up hike or close-in late-season outing. Exercise caution on the final approach, which traverses a rock face, with handrail.